Netterumani & OEM Patch
Hot warmer Product
Smart heating system
BioFIT (Functional shoes)
Haittemiru & Model Ashi
UV & Yellow Dust mask
MY SLIM (Diet Patch)
Cool Mat
Haittemiru & Model Ashi
Haittemiru (Cushion & Anion foot wear, Patent)  
Excellent cushion, generate anion and far infrared ray also good to use with NERU detox patch
新感覚室内履き。遠赤外線、マイナスイオンを発生し保温保湿に優れ冷え性、 足裏の荒れに。寝てるまに(樹液シート)と一緒に使用出来ます。
Model Ashi (Sloping shoes, Patent)  
Bring back your healthy legs as designed to help control and balance bow legs and treats swollen up calves as reshaping and diet
足裏に二方向から傾斜を付けた室内履。 ストレッチ効果で弛んだ筋肉を引締め 下半身ダイエット、O脚補正、 綺麗な姿勢をつくります。
arrowroot & barely cold noodle
vs biofit bra
cool mat
foot patch review
hot warmer product
hot water boiler mat
fiber towels
daiso oil blotting paper
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